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Creativity is the concept behind our company, a different kind of lender. where Hard Money Loans are IDEAL loans for buying investment properties, short sale homes and RE'O properties. Most real estate investors are looking for a private hard money lender and fast lending, fast loans from direct lender for your commercial, residential or Foreclosure property more

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  • We are hard money loan lender Brokers, short-term mortgage specialists.
  • We provide short-term mortgages from $100,000 to $5 million.
  • We provide commercial hard money,private mortgage money and commercial bridge loans
  • We provide short-term mortgages for purchase and renovation of foreclosed residential property.
  • We are foreclosure and short sale bridge loan lenders in New York City

Serving Brokers at the speed of business

We specializing in short-term mortgages, we can provide your clients the cash they need - when they need it. Our loans are pre-payable at any time without penalty.

If you have been frustrated by promises of speed that cannot be kept, quotes that do not hold firm, and false declarations of ability to fund, you will find Quick Funding to be a refreshing change from business as usual in hard money lending.

Brokers always Protected

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